The dog breed Tervueren belongs to the "Belgischen Schäferhunden" - More to read








The dog breed Tervueren belongs to the „Belgischen Schäferhunden.“ Other types are Laeken, Malinois und Groenendael. People breed the Tervueren since the end of the 19th century.

The Tervueren want to be mental claimed. Only to go for a walk with the dog is often too less. The best occupation is a sporting activity, e.g. subordination, track- and security work or agility. The education isn’t so easy because Tervueren needs on the one hand an emotional owner but on the other hand an tight owner. So if you want to buy your first dog, you shout maybe choose another dog breed. Tervueren needs much attention. They want to be by his owner the whole time but through a tight education you can set boundaries.Another advantage is that the “Belgischer Schäferhund“ don’t have the typical dog-smell.

If you want more information to this dog breed, than watch this video.




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