The dog breed Tervueren belongs to the "Belgischen Schäferhunden" - More to read







Welcome to the homepage of “Bojan vom Kürnberg”!

The dog breed Tervueren belongs to the „Belgischen Schäferhunden.“ Other types are Laeken, Malinois und Groenendael. People breed the Tervueren since the end of the 19th century. The Tervueren want to be mental claimed. Only to go for a walk with the dog is often too less. The best occupation is a sporting activity, e.g. subordination, track- and security work or agility.. More to read

His family calls Bojan vom Kürnberg lovely Mogli. He has been born on the 10th December 2011 together with ten other dog pupp. After 4 siblings came Mogli to our world and he weigh 320 g. His parents are called Pöti comme un Reve Noir und Prot Deabei. You can get more information about his forefathers under the navigation-point family tree. More to read

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